TJC is a church ruled by Jesus and led by elders. Biblically, the elders are responsible for the shepherding, protection, and oversight of the church, while meeting the qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Tiitus 1:5-9. At TJC, the overall policy, control, direction and management of the ministry, and finances shall be vested in the Elder body. The elders delegate and assign the task of operations, strategy, and execution of vision and policy to the staff, while maintaining oversight.

Directional Elders

Scott Marlow


Erik Reed

Lead Pastor

Matt Espenshade

Executive Pastor

Tim Lance

Administrative Pastor

Shepherding Elders

Brandon Sutton

Discipleship Pastor

Brett Perkins

Worship Pastor

Shawn Casto

Mobilization Pastor

Larry Davis

Next Gen Pastor

Nick Judd

Next Gen Pastor - Kids Ministry


Hunter Christian

Director of Young Adults Ministry

Laurie DiCicco

Director of Kids Ministry

John Hogan

Director of Technical Production

Ally Johnson

Director of Creative and Communication

Morgan Cates

Director of Discipleship

Laura DiLeonardi

Director of Community

Timo Serrano

Director of Facility Maintenance

Braden Benz

Lead Visual Storyteller

Becca DePolitte

Lead Ministry Assistant

Ashley Horvath

Worship Ministry Assistant

Amanda Bayes

Administrative Ministry Assistant

Jackie Cornett

Kids Ministry Assistant

Kendall Cox

Discipleship & Mobilization Ministry Assistant


TJC is served by biblically qualified deacons (1 Timothy 3:8-13). TJC Deacons serve our church by meeting the practical needs our congregation, both spiritually and physically. By doing so, they enable our staff and elders to accomplish the work assigned to them by God (Acts 6:1-7). If you're interested learning more about our deacon selection process, watch this video series.

From Left to Right: Jason Hunter, Christie Hunter, Cindy Blevins, Tammy Greer, Amber Woods, Walker Woods, Phil Cudd