ARISE is a two-year execution strategy of our vision to “BUILD UP & SEND OUT.” This vision will effectively build mature disciples and send them into a world where desperate people face a Christless eternity.

We believe that to whom much is given much is required (Luke 12:48). God has blessed TJC with incredible people, opportunities, influence, and resources. We have a responsibility to be a bold Great Commission church.

We cannot play it safe. We cannot grow complacent. It is time to ARISE!


Then I replied to them, “The God of heaven will make us prosper, and we his servants will arise and build..." Nehemiah 2:20

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How are we seeking the Lord's guidance in these efforts?

TJC leadership began the process of constructing ARISE with prayer and reflection. Over several months, certain convictions on where God was leading became clear. The process continued with those convictions as the foundational elements of ARISE. The process was prayerful and collaborative, ultimately leading to BUILD UP and SEND OUT. Over the coming years, we as a congregation must continue to seek the Lord’s guidance in how to most effectively execute this strategy.

Why is our vision changing?

Our vision statement describes TJC’s purpose, defines achievement, and aligns our efforts to ensure responsible use of resources. While our mission statement, Showing Jesus as Incomparably Glorious, doesn’t change, the vision statement will as we develop as a body. When executed properly, a vision statement ensures we fix our eyes outward and not stagnate internally.

How is this vision different from the previous vision?

TJC’s last vision established a great deal of discipleship opportunities and ministries that help define our church today. TJC has developed robust resources and relationships in this process. This vision will focus on how to send our resources and people to carry the Gospel to others near and far. We do not expect to add numbers of new ministries, but rather strengthen and deepen current ones.

Why is this called Arise?

In the book of Nehemiah, we see a determined disciple who was given a vision by God to accomplish what was believed to be an impossible task. When people tried to discourage Nehemiah he told other believers to “arise and build (Neh 2:20).” Nehemiah knows he cannot succeed without mobilizing everyone to restore Jerusalem. The same is true now at TJC.

Why is there so much emphasis on sending?

TJC is a Great Commission church living faithfully to what Jesus commands in Matthew 28:16-20. Sending is not just something we do but it is who we are, because Jesus commands us to be. TJC is devoted to doing our part in fulfilling this command by telling others the Good News everywhere - near and far.

How big does TJC want to be?

Our conviction is not to be concerned with the size of TJC but rather our effectiveness. We believe we live in a world that desperately needs to know Jesus. We want to build up and send out leaders to reach others. Practically speaking, there is a limit to our capacity at our current campus, however, our sending strategy includes planting churches with those who are called and prepared to take the Gospel to other locations.

Are we financially healthy as a church?

Yes. We are, by God’s grace and the generosity of many of you, in a very financially healthy position. We currently have more than 3 months of operating reserves, and 6 months of debt service reserves. Even in taking on new debt for this project, our debt service will not exceed 20% of our budget. As we move into this project we are committed to retaining those reserves and holding a sound financial position into the future.

Why are we not building a whole new facility?

A new facility was determined to be cost-prohibitive. In addition, TJC is intent on maximizing the potential of the gift God has blessed us with at our current location.

How much will the facility expansion and renovation cost?

The cost of the entire building and renovation project will be approximately $8 million. We have received good-faith estimates based on current construction pricing from our architect for the scope of work to be done based on national estimates and pricing from current projects. As we continue to move the construction project forward, the numbers may change, but we have confidence that the current estimate is realistic given what is happening on similar projects around the country.

Are there phases to this expansion?

Yes, TJC has partnered with Visioneering Studios to provide a comprehensive master plan design for what can be accomplished at our current location. The plan took into consideration priorities and information provided by a team of TJC congregants, leadership, and staff. The plan builds on itself and can be added in phases as needs develop and resources are available.

Why should I consider giving to Arise?

As Christians, we want to obey the Scriptures and obey the call to give to the local church. In giving to ARISE, you are financially supporting the expansion of God’s kingdom here, near, and far. Giving to this initiative allows TJC to continue building up and sending out those who will proclaim the Gospel. ARISE also allows us to expand our capacity to train and equip the disciples.

How can families participate?

We encourage you to discuss the vision with your children. Ask them about what they are learning about building up their knowledge and love for Christ. And, ask them what it means to share Christ with others. We want everyone to be inspired by the vision and aspire to play their part in God’s plan for their life. This is also a great opportunity to teach your children about generosity. Think about filling out a commitment card as a family.

What is a commitment card?

A commitment card is a tool to pledge an amount of giving to this initiative. We have a goal to see 100% participation. The commitment card allows tracking that goal. Examples of the Commitment Card we will all fill out can be found in the guidebook.

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