Life Group Leader

Description: This individual will teach in-house curriculum to either middle school or high school girls or boys in a way that is compelling and brings clarity to who God is and how we are to know and live for Him. Life Groups are hosted every Sunday morning during the 9am and 11am. The leader will select which service they'd like to teach along with the grade they'd prefer to teach.

MDWK Leader

Description: This individual is focused on building relationships with students through conversation, pre-worship activities, and gospel conversations during the Gospel Response Time, along with any other Midweek needs such as facilitating events and resetting used rooms. Our Midweek worship services take place at TJC on Wednesday nights from 6pm-7:30pm. 

Student Check-In

Description: This individual will check in students on Wednesday nights and/or Sunday mornings. They will help assimilate new students and ensure current students have checked in. Available options to serve are Wednesday nights from 5:45pm-6:45pm in the Student Lobby and/or Sunday mornings at 9am or 11am in the gym.