The Journey Church’s Residency Program was born from a desire to train, equip, and send the next generation of vocational pastors to their place of calling.  During their time at TJC, pastoral residents will integrate theological education with the practice of ministry.  Pastoral Residents will practice ministry skills, spiritual disciplines, refine leadership skills, and learn to work on a high-capacity ministry team. Ultimately, this experience intends to both help Pastoral Residents realize their strength and passions to serve His church and be more sustained and effective in doing so. 

For selection to the program, the Pastoral Resident will have demonstrated an intent to enter full-time ministry.  Before entering a first-time call, the Pastoral Resident will engage in an intentional program of mentoring and support wherein they will participate in ministering within a high-functioning staff environment.  TJC’s Associate Pastor will directly supervise the Pastoral Resident(s), but the entire TJC staff will help to broaden the experience for each Resident.   TJC staff and lay leadership will intentionally work alongside the resident to reflect theologically on the practice of ministry, identify teachable moments, provide support, and offer guidance on developing healthy pastoral and spiritual practices that will sustain and enrich the new minister throughout the years to come.

Practical Ministry Skill Development

The residency is designed to give the participant opportunities to learn and apply practical ministry skills in each of the assigned ministry areas.  The following are ministry skills to be addressed under each ministry area:


  • Preaching
  • Worship leadership – scripture reading, leading in corporate prayer 
  • Assisting or officiating Baptism and Communion
  • Participating in weekly worship planning and sermon preparation.


  • Creating and maintaining functional Life Groups
  • Identifying and observing disciplined spiritual practices and habits both personally and corporately
  • Development and growth in teaching, facilitating, and leading small groups of all ages
  • One-to-one discipleship mentoring/spiritual direction skills
  • Growth in articulating theological and ethical perspective through intentional apologetics
  • Member care to include homebound and hospital visitation while integrated with the Deacon team
  • Refinement of listening and assessment skills for purpose of counseling referrals
  • Follow up with first time guests, assessing of needs and development of response


  • Assessment skills needed to determine mission opportunities within the purview of TJC’s Great Commission strategy
  • Learn strategies for partnering with local agencies and other churches to address community needs
  • Work with IMB and NAMB partners on strategy and resources required to accomplish TJC’s vision
  • Assist in TJC initiatives to train, equip, and send interested parties aligned to TJC’s vision and mission

Administration & Support

  • Financial management skills (budget planning and administration)
  • Planning, calendaring, promoting and communicating ministry events
  • Conduct effective communication strategies to promote vision and mission
  • Help plan and execute member meetings and special events

Residency Program FAQ

What is the duration of the Residency Program?

The program is designed to last one year. This time could be extended depending on circumstances both in the interest of the Pastoral Resident and TJC. Additionally, the residency may be completed early should Pastoral Residents be presented an opportunity to fill a full-time call.

What is the structure of the Residency Program?

TJC’s Resident Program focuses on three core areas of church life – Worship, Discipleship, and Missions. The program will allow the Pastoral Residents to lead, preach, counsel, teach, and conduct all administrative functions of daily staff responsibilities. This will provide a natural framework to build a curriculum of pastoral rotations to meet the expected competencies of an effective pastoral minister.

Who is the Residency supervisor?

The Associate Pastor will serve as the mentoring supervisor. Based on the Resident’s primary area of calling, provisions may be made to concentrate duties within these ministries. This will allow the Pastoral Resident(s) to focus their activity on ministries wherein they can intentionally develop. The Resident and supervisor will meet weekly for theological reflection and coordination of ministry assignments.

What is a ministry coach?

Depending on the background and preference of the Resident, a spiritual mentor will be chosen. Acting under a covenant of confidentiality, concerns for the Resident’s personal and professional life will be addressed in the context of Christian friendship.

What is the difference between the Residency Program and Internship Program?

Our Residency Program exists to train, equip and send individuals who are preparing to do ministry.

Our Internship Program exists to train and equip individuals who are exploring a general call to ministry.

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