Acts 1:8 calls us to be engaged where we live and among the nations. The people of TJC seek to bring truth, grace, and hope to Lebanon and the surrounding area by mobilizing the church to be salt and light, not only for the city, but for your city. Take part in faithfully and obediently using your gifts to declare God’s glory among those who are hopeless living among you today.

TJC Mercy Ministries

 TJC Re:generation

TJC's Re:generation Ministry is a gospel centered, Christian based 12 step program designed to help people who struggle with all kinds of sin find victory and redemption through Jesus Christ. We meet every Sunday night at 6 pm for worship and small groups. Come join us!



Jail Ministry

TJC Jail Ministry goes to the Wilson County Jail once a month to minister the gospel to inmates. We also provide a theology program and release strategy for willing participants. Our team is onsite at the jail every third Sunday at 1:50 pm.


Foster Care Ministry

TJC Fosters exists to wrap arms around families who have opened up their homes for foster children. We do this by forming care teams around the family that can be activated at a moment's notice to help welcome new children into the home. The more time a new foster parent can spend with the children in their home, the more effective they will be. That means that time spent doing normal adult-chores is time not spent with the children building trust. We will also help with the process for people looking to go through the foster care process for the first time so they can open their home up to children who desperately need a safe place to call home.


Adoption Ministry

Our adoption ministry exists to help families trying to navigate the complicated and expensive world of adoption. We aim to walk with families through the process as we answer their questions and set them up for success. We also help with fundraising strategies and funds matching for TJC members. Adoption can happen in the blink of an eye or be drawn out over multiple years. In either case, it can be a very hard and resource draining event, so we want to help walk you through it because it will lead to a beautiful image bearer of God into a Christ loving TJC family.

Serve Local Internationals

Engage 350,000 of the international coming to Middle TN by becoming friends and sharing your life with these wonderful people.