Description: If you enjoy meeting new people are comfortable in answering questions about TJC, and want to give people a great first impression, then being a TJC Greeter is for you. The team has different positions at the doors, distributing communion, or at the guest information tables. You can choose which place you feel fits you best.

Parking Team

Description: The first of all first impressions is when someone pulls into TJC's parking lot.  What do they see?  Well, we work hard to make that first impression a friendly face that welcomes them or gives them direction on where to park.  This team also helps people find their way into the building and may even help them get there.

Coffee Bar

Description: If you like coffee and love to give friendly greetings, the coffee bar is right up your alley. There may be no better place on campus to make someone feel more welcome than when you serve them a cup of coffee. Whether you like it hot or cold, we have the brew for you.

Reset Team

Description: If you like to serve "under the radar," we have the place. TJC's reset team ensures the auditorium is clean and restocked between services. We want every person that enter to find our space clean, organized, and inviting.


Description: This is not your parent's usher team! TJC doesn't let our guests have anxiety walking into an auditorium that may feel overwhelming. We need friendly (but assertive) volunteers to organize and facilitate seating for each service time. They may even help you with an introduction to your new neighbor.