Our Mission: To abide in Jesus and show Him as incomparably glorious together

Our Vision: A time and place to connect and learn to better follow Jesus together while abiding in Him.

Lambert Life Group

In our Life Group, we generally gather together reviewing our life in the past two weeks. Then we sit and discuss the most recent sermon, using the sermon notes from the web site. We answer the questions given in the notes. Very often discussions are lively! We will share prayer requests and pray for each other.
There are other gatherings we do as a group: dinner, out to eat, Christmas dinner together. Future plans are coffee for just the ladies and starting September 15, Pickleball with our group and other friends!

Life happens and we need each other to navigate.
Journey is a big church that is getting bigger. We don’t want to get lost or even get comfortable just slipping in and out of service, talking to no one. We want to encourage each other in service, growth, stewardship and fellowship!



  • Day & Time

    Sunday at 6:30 pm

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  • Leader

    Gene & Linda Lambert

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