Our Mission: To abide in Jesus and show Him as incomparably glorious together

Our Vision: A time and place to connect and learn to better follow Jesus together while abiding in Him.


Keltonic Life Group

The Keltonic Life Group is made up of married couples, some with kids, some without. We all live in the Mount Juliet, TN area and meet in Providence. We have seven kids ages 2-11.

Each week we dive deeply into God’s Word. We share prayer requests, we pray and study and eat together. Once a month we gather for some kind of fun social time. We look for ways to serve and bless one another and our community. This group was born out of a desire to know and be known at TJC. It’s so important for church on Sunday mornings to feel like coming home, as it’s important for Sunday mornings to not be the only time we meditate on the Lord. The best way to accomplish these goals is in community, learning and serving together.



  • Day & Time

    Sunday at 6:15 pm

  • Recurrence


  • Childcare Provided?


  • Leader

    David Keltonic

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