TJC is served by biblically qualified deacons (1 Timothy 3:8-13). TJC Deacons serve our church by meeting the practical needs our congregation, both spiritually and physically. You can serve our congregation alongside our deacons by volunteering in one or more of the following lanes:

General Counseling

Description: Volunteers on this team are equipped and available to provide biblical counsel to members of TJC with various counseling needs.

Financial Counseling

Description: As a part of our benevolence lane, volunteers on this team have the knowledge and skillset to provide financial counseling to individuals in need of various kinds of financial support from TJC.

General Care Needs

Description: Volunteers on this team have the gift of hospitality and coordinate resources and people to meet the care needs of our church body.

Labor Care Needs

Description: Volunteers on this team have skills and availability to meet various needs within the body, from car repair to home repair.

Gospel Response Time

Description: This team of volunteers serve at the end of each service to be available to pray with church members.