At TJC, we accomplish our work with a sense of urgency and purpose for His kingdom.  We always strive to live out our mission, vision, and values to show Jesus as incomparably glorious to a world that so desperately needs Him. To be part of this movement as a staff member on our team, check out the open positions here.

Director of Mercy Ministries

WORK TYPE: Full-time

Position Overview

The Director of Mercy Ministries is responsible for carrying out day-to-day responsibilities pertaining to TJC’s Mobilization mission, particularly the For the City ministries, and assisting other ministry duties where appropriate.


Primary Responsibilities

Recovery and Redemption

Meet regularly with the Associate Pastor to review the ministry portfolio including:

  • Review and update related quantitative and qualitative measurables
  • Monitoring the inventory of supplies
  • Assist in providing support to lay leaders in care, assistance, support, and appreciation
  • Provide or arrange for counseling of ministry participants
  • Assist with ministry podcasts
  • Write articles for, or speak at ministry events when needed
  • Maintain ministry social media accounts to include the sermon recordings and podcasts
  • Engage in and maintain relationships with stakeholders of the ministry
  • Maintain care programs for ministry participants (i.e. Interfaith Dental Program)
  • Regularly attend and help lead all ministry events (expectations to be discussed and agreed upon)
  • Maintain and oversee budget to include the payment of childcare workers

Deacon Ministry

  • Schedule and attend monthly leadership meetings and quarterly meetings with lane leaders
  • Help facilitate the interview process for new Deacons
  • Support the Deacons weekly with various needs and act as a bridge between the ministry and staff
  • Maintain the deacon budget with deacon appropriate lane leader
  • Monitor all Deacon requests and maintain communication among stakeholders
  • Maintain and update quantitative and qualitative measurables on a weekly basis

Foster and Adoption

  • Support key lay leaders as needed to include communication and outreach
  • Schedule monthly support meetings and attend quarterly meetings with each lay leader to ensure support
  • Maintain budget for each ministry
  • Maintain and update quantitative and qualitative measurables on a weekly basis

Jail Ministry

  • Facilitate teams for monthly jail/entry ministry
  • Maintain and order theology program materials and send materials to inmates
  • Coordinate ongoing jail training with jail administrators
  • Provide logistical support when necessary
  • Facilitate Inmate Pen-Pal Program and coordinate inmate mail
  • Maintain and update quantitative and qualitative measurables on a weekly basis

Other Duties Related to Lead Pastor Support

  • Manage Lead Pastor schedule, meeting/speaking, and travel when necessary
  • Assist with sermon prep research
  • Manage social media content
  • Create video sermon clips from weekly sermons for social media (3-5)
  • Send out weekly sermon manuscript to staff and elders
  • Create & Send PPT slides for Sunday sermon
  • Administer all Lead Pastor travel logistics (flights, hotels, rental car, receipts, honorarium, merch table, event location, and schedule)
  • Prepare Lead Pastor’s devotional passages and topics each week
  • Contact and coordinate with media outlets related to interviews
  • Assist event coordination


  • Must have a gospel conversion story
  • Must have followed in obedience through believer’s baptism
  • Must be:
    • above reproach
    • Sober-minded
    • Self-controlled
    • Respectable
    • Hospitable
    • not a drunkard
    • not violent but gentle
    • not quarrelsome
    • not a lover of money
  • Must abide in the Word daily
  • Must love people and have a servant’s heart
  • Must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily
  • Must have strong administrative skills
  • Must be able to multitask
  • Must be excellent verbal and written communication skills

Education and/or Experience

  • At minimum, high school diploma plus 5 years relevant work experience.
  • Work experience must include project management related to the aforementioned responsibilities. 


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